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Welcome to iBizpeople, an international Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Consultancy, focusing on the iGaming, GameTech, Digital and eCommerce industries.

I'm Paul Johnson, founder of iBizpeople and specialist Head Hunter and Talent Acquisition professional with over 15 years international recruitment experience. I partner with C-levels, Business Leaders, HRBPs, Talent Acquisition Teams and Hiring Managers to help achieve their hiring objectives. I achieved over 300 hires for the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group as the Talent Acquisition Lead, I've conducted countless screening and behavioral based interviews, built award winning teams in Commercial & Tech and trained Business Leaders in interviewing best practice. I have launched iBizpeople to bring an innovative and fresh approach to Head Hunting and Talent Acquisition services, designed to maximise your candidate experience and to promote your business as an employer of choice. 

15 years plus


Recruitment Experience

Built award winning teams  in Commercial

and Tech

Entire recruitment strategies built around candidate experience

Countless screening and behavioral based


Trained Business Leaders

in interviewing

best practices  

Over 300 hires for the LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group

Recruitment On-Demand

Recruitment On-Demand is an innovative Head Hunting model designed to maximise candidate experience and to achieve your hiring objectives. Operating in such a competitive landscape and with top candidates in high demand, hiring companies need to be one step ahead.


Head Hunting isn’t just about presenting candidates with job opportunities and hoping for the best. to be truly successful in landing your preferred candidates, we need to look at the entire recruitment process, from first contact to on-boarding.


It is more important than ever that your candidate experience is on point at every stage of the recruitment process. We need to be confident that we are funneling candidates through an efficient, innovate and effective recruitment process which represents your business as an employer of choice.



Talent Acquisition Interim

Talent Acquisition Interim isn’t for quick fixes or one-off hires. This is a cost effective solution when you have multiple openings or need a boost in scaling up your Talent Acquisition to attract more talent into your business, now and for future vacancies.


I work with you directly and exclusively on flexible and tailored short term contracts and charge on an hourly basis. An extension of your HR/Recruitment function as and when you need it.


I go all-in with you, embedding my talent expertise within your organisation, living your values while protecting your employer brand and enhancing your candidate experience journey. You will have high-quality candidates at the speed and scale you need them, all while satisfying candidates and hiring managers. 


I have worked with Paul during my time at LeoVegas and it has been an absolute pleasure. Paul has played a pivotal role in helping me putting together a double award winning Affiliate Team. Paul's great recruitment skills allow you to pinpoint the best talents in the market, perfect from both a cultural fit and skills perspective. I truly recommend working with Paul.

When it comes to headhunting, Paul is a true champion - he just gets it. His biggest strength in my opinion is efficiency: his process is simple and spot-on, and you can be sure that he will conquer any recruitment challenge you put in front of him. Paul is the guy who will find your purple squirrel, unrecruitable unicorn, needle in a haystack, or whatever it is your team needs. Fantastic relationship builder and keeper.

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